As explained on the website of the Ministry of Culture, the Opole voivode "announced this decision during the visit to Brzeg by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, Prof. Piotr Gliński, and MP Paweł Kukiz, who advocates the idea of ​​the Museum of Kresy in Brzeg".

"I am glad that after many years we have reached a consensus, and the decision of the voivode signed today means that the Museum of Heritage and Culture of Kresy will be created in Brzeg, which will be a branch of the Museum of the Silesian Piasts. It is an impressive and serious cultural institution, which is prepared for the implementation of investments and taking care of this important part of our heritage," said Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński in Brzeg, quoted in the information.

"I want to thank for the commitment of the voivode, the mayor, the director of the Museum of the Silesian Piasts, and thank you MP Paweł Kukiz, who repeatedly asked for the memory of the Polish kresy to have its institutional representation in a place where the borderland environments are particularly numerous. We can announce today that a new institution will be created," said the head of the Ministry of Culture.

Kresy refers to the former Polish eastern borderlands.