According to Gliński, the pandemic has shown that nation-states are often better at dealing with problems than international institutions. 

"The role of the nation-state, meant as a political and cultural community, will continue to be important, even crucial," he assessed. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, nation-states can replace ineffective, expensive solutions of global problems, including market mechanisms and international institutions.

The head of the Ministry of Culture also emphasized cultural challenges. He mentioned the development of new, undemocratic ideologies and phenomena, including political correctness or a virtual community, understood as a new communication environment. He also warned against instability and against countries that use the pandemic to deepen or create unstable situations in various regions of the world.

Gliński also stated that the pandemic made people aware of the large role of psychiatry and psychology in people's everyday lives. 

"The deterioration of people's mental health is the price we pay for the pandemic. This is a huge problem for humanity," he said.