The European Commission said last Tuesday it would ask the EU Court of Justice to impose financial penalties on Poland for non-compliance with a Court decision obliging the country on 14 July to suspend the application of provisions concerning the powers of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, set up to conduct disciplinary proceedings against, among others, judges. The EC has also launched an infringement procedure against Poland for failing to take the necessary measures to fully implement a CJEU judgment of 15 July stating that Polish legislation on the disciplinary system for judges is incompatible with EU law.


Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta commented on the case on Michał Rachoń's #Jedziemy program. 


 "Every state that is in dispute with the CJEU on some fundamental issue has adopted such a position as this group of states that have directly questioned the superiority of EU law over the constitution," - he stated.


"We show all these analogies for the reason that these arguments expose the essence of the attack on Poland. This is not an attack on the rule of law, because in the realm of law we are right. The exposure of the alleged defense of the rule of law shows that these are only political intentions resulting from the fact that Poland is currently the largest country in the EU, which pursues a policy consistent with the concept of the EU as a confederation of states that respects the sovereignty of each state," - he stressed.  



The EC, he added, tries from time to time to introduce a social ideology close to the left on various moral issues.  "We don't like that either - against Poland or Hungary, which promote the traditional family model," he pointed out.