As the TV series director Jan Holoubek said, the 1980s were "marked by strange anxiety. "Those years in Poland - very uninteresting, difficult - seemed to be the best background for setting a criminal story, of the darker kind. I felt that these years are close to me and I feel good about them," he said during a press conference in Warsaw.


The Mire is set in a small town in southwestern Poland, where a brutal double murder takes place: of a young prostitute and a local communist activist. At the same time, a pair of teenagers also commit suicide. Witold Wanycz (Andrzej Seweryn), an experienced, somewhat bitter journalist, is to write about the murder for the local newspaper. At the same editorial office Piotr Zarzycki (Dawid Ogrodnik), the son of a high-ranking party activist, is hired. He moves to town with his pregnant wife Teresa (Zofia Wichłacz) and starts a journalistic investigation on his account.


The creators of "The Mire" paid special attention to the role of stage design, which allowed them to feel the atmosphere of the old times. "Everything was a great challenge - the locations, the furniture, the props, the wardrobe, the stage design department paid attention to the smallest details," Dzięgielewski said.


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