Referring to the debate devoted to the Weimar Triangle, i.e., cooperation between Poland, France, and Germany, Dr. Nowak said that although it often seems to be something politically dead or non-functional, in economic terms it has great potential.


"At the moment Poland is a more important economic partner for Germany than France, exports to Germany are growing all the time. These connections are very strong. We have to use this, we have to use the potential which lies in the energy and technology transition towards a green economy, and here, despite the many differences which sometimes exist, it has to be said that joint undertakings make a great deal of sense because of the link between the economies," he stressed.


According to Dr. Nowak, the EU needs its security and defense policy. He estimated that projects such as a common tank, which have not yet been realized, and cooperation of German, French and Polish industry in the PESCO formula would make a lot of sense.


Katowice is currently hosting the 13th edition of the European Economic Congress (EEC), held at the International Congress Centre, in the vicinity of the Spodek Sports and Entertainment Arena. EEC is an important part of the public debate on the Polish and European economy.