According to police, it is unclear whether the woman died as a result of a deliberate attack or was the victim of an unfortunate accident. A spokesman for the KWP (Regional Police Headquarters - editor’s note) in Kraków, Mr Insp. Sebastian Gleń said in an interview with the Gazeta Krakowska that the police were investigating all eventualities.


The 69-year-old woman was only wounded once, but the blow proved fatal. The ambulance and police were called by a neighbour who called 112. Officers detained the teen and the case of her grandmother's death is being investigated by prosecutors.


At the scene police officers conducted a visual inspection, the prosecutor participated in the activities. We interviewed witnesses: neighbours, family members. We are investigating whether the woman was injured as a result of an accident or whether it was an intentional act - said a spokesman for Małopolska Police in an interview with TVN24. Investigators are not yet releasing more precise information due to the sensitive nature of the case.