“There will be a lot of big words, propaganda about saving the earth and the climate to excess, and in the end, it will turn out that the Russians and the Chinese have taken advantage of it. First of all, we will be even more dependent on gas, as it has already been announced that we will replace coal-fired units with gas-fired ones. It happens that the second fuel accidentally seems to be the best as a complement to the German windmill. However, it is not at all the case that these stupidities are invented against society. On the contrary! The stupefied rabble will rejoice and gleefully make grand plans. We will get poorer as a society, but in return, we will get a picture on Messenger of a smiling panda whose life we saved, and a seal resting on an ice floe. Trained in stupidity, Europeans fail to notice the noose that is already tightening around their necks,” – we read in the article