The number of migrants crowding in front of a barbed-wire fence at the Bruzgi-Kuźnica Białostocka border crossing, closed from the Polish side, is increasing, according to information provided by Belarusian state media.


The photos show both Belarusian officers who do not react to the actions of people gathering at the border and media representatives. Judging by the fact that the photos are published by state agencies and TV stations, these are journalists from those media.


Since the morning, migrants have been gathering at the border crossing in Kuźnica on the Belarusian side. An attempt to forcibly push the border is being prepared. Everything takes place under the supervision of Belarusian services. Polish soldiers are on standby.


“Bad scenarios are being taken under consideration. Since these people were pushed through, they probably won't want to turn back again. They are going to cause a big confusion, lead to casualties, to a shooting, and certainly to a fight on our border. I think this scenario is obvious. That's why these people are given all kinds of tools, including gas guns, to attack. And one child is sent in the front, and thousands of young men in the back,” Tomasz Sakiewicz said on TVP Info.


He noted that such a picture - with a child on the front - is used by Belarusian services to make the picture "look better".


“They are going to storm our border. Whether it's about us, Ukraine, or destabilizing Europe. Putin has thought all this through. One thing is certain, today Putin is at war with the West, at war with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, only that this war is as bloodless as possible for the time being. What will be next? A lot depends on us, on the internal cohesion of the country, on the strength of Poland, on NATO,” emphasized the editor-in-chief.