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The world media is thrilled to write about 22-year-old Sara Jóźwiak from the Territorial Defense Forces (WOT), the IMMAF European Championship silver medallist. In an interview with Piotr Lisiewicz in “Interview with a Hooligan,” she recounted how she stopped a knife attack as a 15-year-old.

When she was just 15 years old, Jóźwiak was able to protect herself, her mother, and passersby from a stranger armed with a knife,” writes one of the world’s largest sports websites 


“And at just 22-years-old, has a bright future in the sport,” writes Ross Patterson on 


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Sara Jóźwiak was just 15, when she was able to protect herself, her mother, and passersby from a stranger armed with a knife. She was doing shopping with her mother when an aggressive man blocked her way home. The situation escalated when he pulled out a knife and threatened passersby. The teenager used Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques and, along with the help of two other men, she took down the knifeman. She managed to ground, restrain and prevent the man from escaping until the police arrived. 


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“Two men saw it and decided to help, so we all took it [the knife] away from him and put him to the ground. (…) He was trying to escape so I caught him with a BJJ grip and held him until the police arrived,” she said. 

“Of course, the best situation is to avoid a clash but this is not always possible,” she added.


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