Superintendent Marczak stressed that Friday was a very busy day for the officers of the Capital Police Headquarters.


"In the morning, the attention of police officers was drawn to a group of several people. We secured objects testifying to a possible blockade of streets and buildings located in the Śródmieście district, which could lead to the blockade of Warsaw," he reported.


By 10 a.m. Friday, uniformed officers had questioned 31 people.


As he pointed out, the officers continued to monitor the centre of Warsaw. After 2 p.m. a van pulled up at Jan Paweł II Avenue and a group of several people associated with climate groups ran towards it. According to information, it took place near the PZU (insurance company) building.


"The quick response of the police officers made the persons scatter. Eventually, another 12 people were questioned. In addition, items from the truck were secured. Including containers of paint and metal items often used in blockading buildings." -  Superintendent Marczak passed on .


An hourglass sign in a circle was painted on the items that police officers found with the activists. The sign is used by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement, which, as the movement's website presents, "through peaceful acts of civil disobedience, persuades the government to take just action on the climate and environmental crisis."