Preliminary figures provided by the Police Headquarters show that there were 110 road accidents over the Christmas period, 4 four people died and 140 were injured. Police officers also stopped 511 intoxicated drivers.


By comparison, 31 people died over the holidays last year and 20 two years ago.


"Yesterday was the initial day without a fatal accident. The situation was similar on Thursday, which is not included in these statistics, but it was a day without a fatal accident, which unfortunately is rare on our roads," Cmdr. Robert Opas said.


This year during the holidays, police officers stopped 94 driver's licenses for speeding over 50 km/h in built-up areas. By comparison, 248 such documents were seized a year ago.


As every year during the Christmas holidays, policemen conducted activities to ensure safety on the road by checking, among others, the speed, sobriety of drivers and the way children are transported. There were more marked police patrols on the roads; there will also be police officers in unmarked cars, including those from special SPEED groups.