In a press release sent to PAP (Polish Press Agency), the Nature Heritage Foundation (FDP) points out that more and more people in Poland hear that the bears living in Bieszczady have not started their winter rest and can be found in the forest. 


"It is not just climate change that is responsible for this state of affairs, but above all man, who carries out logging in their bear’s lair and throws food on hunting and photographic spots, which effectively draws these top predators away from their bear’s lair," we can read in the foundation's release.


However, the FDP points out that bears in the Polish Carpathians have it harder and harder, as their sanctuaries are more and more often cut down. "Trees that could become another winter resting place for bears are being cut down. Even if we leave a tree with a bear’s lair, cutting down the trees growing around can effectively discourage them to sleep in winter. And this is a very important moment in the lives of these largest predators living in Poland. It is then, in winter, that baby bears are born," was written.


"The bear’s lair and their protection are crucial for bear protection," explains Dr. Antoni Kostka from the foundation.