Over the years, this famous, idealized and compositionally uncomplicated image has evolved into a trademark with a powerful reach. One can become convinced about this while looking for references to the portrait - more or less processed - in other works presented at the exhibition: Marcin Maciejowski, Anna Piesiewicz, Robert Kuta, Anna Suwałowska, Jerzy Sacha, Piotr Micherewicz, or Agata Anna Gaber (Peperski).


The portrait's presence in Poland will become a pretext for a discussion about its author. Ary Scheffer was one of many cultural figures from Chopin's closest circle. Eugène Delacroix was also a close friend of the composer. Do we know which painter's work he liked better? 


The event is realized as part of the #YearofPolishRomanticism.


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