At the historic Jewish Cemetery in Łódź, established in 1892, work began on the care and protection of old trees.

"The Jewish Cemetery in Łódź is an extraordinary place where all layers of landscape and cultural and natural heritage overlap, creating a unique, invaluable substance that needs to be taken care of. We have over 8,000 trees here, the condition of which has changed since the completion of the inventory works, which lasted two years," Ewa Zaraś says PAP.

"The trees shape the atmosphere of the place. When we look around we will see many tombstones that are damaged by their root system. But it is something extremely symbolic because the tree is associated with life and the tombstone with death. And this tree surrounds the tombstone with its root system as if it took the deceased in its arms. Let's respect that, let's not improve it, because nature has created something unique and it is worth taking a look at," says the expert.