"Today Major Aleksander Tarnawski a.k.a. Upłaz celebrates his 101st birthday. The Silent Unseen (Polish: Cichociemny), model soldier, inventor. A man of humility and devotion to the Motherland," Morawiecki wrote on Twitter.


"Mr Major, I offer my deepest respect and gratitude for your service to a free Poland," the Prime Minister added in the entry.


Mr. Alexander Tarnawski. The last of the Cichociemni


Tarnawski was born in 1921 in Słocina, Rzeszów County. In 1938 he graduated from a gymnasium in Chorzow and began studies at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Lviv. After the outbreak of war, in October 1939, he made his way through Hungary to France, where he was assigned to the 1. Grenadier Division. After evacuation to the United Kingdom, he was assigned to 16. Armoured Brigade, where he was trained for special operations, and later to the 1. Armored Division. He underwent intensive training for the Silent Unseen.