At the beginning of the new year, the tax part of the Polish Deal entered into force.

Government spokesman Piotr Müller in an interview with RMF FM was asked who will bear the consequences for the confusion related to the entry into force of the new regulations, incl. in the context of information about teachers who received lower salaries in January due to the entry into force of the new tax regulations of the Polish Deal.

A government spokesman pointed out that the problem with the incorrect calculation of tax advances will be corrected in the coming week. "Then it will be clear who benefits from these tax solutions, and the whole crowd of people benefits," said the politician.

Müller emphasized that it had been the largest tax reform in 20 years and admitted that the beginning of the implementation of the technical aspects of the reform "did not go as we would imagine it".

"Time to conclude, including consequences for those responsible, will certainly come in some time. At the moment, the Poles must benefit from the Polish Deal," Müller noted.