A shocking situation took place in the Terespol municipality in Lublin province. It was there in late July last year that police officers received a report that the mother could not be contacted. Her daughter, who lives abroad, called. The apartment was locked and could only be entered after firefighters helped.


Inside, police officers found Dorota S., the reporting party's 58-year-old mother, unconscious. She was transported to the hospital, but other rooms were checked as a precaution. It turned out that one of them contained... human skeleton. It belonged to the submitter's grandmother.


Investigators instead charged the daughter of the deceased with desecration of her mother's body and fraudulent taking of the deceased's pension. It is about keeping the corpse in the apartment without burial, reports lublin112.pl.


The prosecutorial investigation into the case is now coming to an end. For now, experts have determined that the woman's mother died a natural death, so one of the charges - manslaughter - has been dropped.