It is an interesting combination of sweet and sour sauce and smoked meat. A very tasty composition with a definite smoky aroma.


Śląskie niebo (Silesian heaven) was a popular regional dish in Lower Silesia typically prepared for festive occasions. Its original name is Schlesisches Himmelreich which means Silesian heaven or Silesian paradise. 



- 700 g of cured or smoked pork (loin),

- 350 g of dried fruit (plums, apricots, apples),

- lemon juice,

- salt,

- pepper,

- pinch of sugar,

- plum butter.




1. Pour half a litre of water over dried fruit and set it aside in a cold place overnight.

2. Pour water over the meat and cook for about 45-60 minutes, depending on how big you have the meat. 

3. Then add the pre-soaked dried fruit along with the soaking water and cook for 30 minutes. 

4. Remove meat and cut it into slices, cover it and set it aside in a warm place. 

5. Blend or mix the sauce. Season to taste with salt, pepper, lemon juice and sugar.* 

6. Pour the sauce over the meat. Add dried fruit on top. 


Serve warm with steamed dumplings (also called pampuchy) or Silesian potato dumplings.


*If the sauce is too runny, condense it with plum butter.