The Opolskie Voivodeship is located in southwestern Poland. It borders the Czech Republic and four Polish provinces of Silesia, Łódź, Wielkopolska, and Lower Silesia


The Opole region is such an interesting and unique place to visit also because of its unique cuisine. Residents of the region are keen to cultivate old traditions and events. As a result of the constant mixing of various influences in the region, the Opole voivodeship abounds in many characteristic dishes and products. Here, we can find Silesian, Czech, and borderland flavors. Products distinguished by their original recipe and unique taste.


Examples of traditional dishes:

- Opole beef roulade,

- Kartoffelsalat,

- pańćkraut with ribs,

- fatback cookies,

- crayfish soup,

- pranzunki or prandzonki.