Poznan Flower Carpet was introduced in 2013 by the Scientific and Technical Association of the Gardening Industry. The flower compositions are designed and created by the students of the academic circle for landscape architecture at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan. Besides its decorative value, they often raise awareness about current issues. In 2022, it encourages to actively help Ukrainians. 

“This year’s carpet is a ‘Thank You’ to every person and organization that helps refugees from Ukraine. It’s also a living memory of those who passed away because of the war, are still fighting for Ukraine, and those who fled to Poznan and Greater Poland in general seeking safety. Poznan is opening its heart to Ukraine and giving it a helping hand. Through the action of “Lend a Hand to Ukraine” we want to show solidarity with the people who lost their close ones to the war,” said the organizers on their website.

The composition is made out of over 150,000 tulips and will be available in the Mickiewicz Park in Poznan until May 15th.