upwr.edu.pl/ One of the families that will receive the collected seeds. A photo from a private archive.


They collect the seeds of popular vegetables that don’t require special conditions, such as good soil. For instance, students prepare the seeds of cucumbers, beets, sunflowers, carrots, cabbage, beans, pumpkins, zucchini, parsley, dill, broad beans, and spring onions.

Everybody can join the action and help. Students keep the seeds safe in the special container at the University’s gatehouse and there is a possibility to share your own harvest by putting it there. Also, they ensure that you can send the seeds by post to the address of the University with the annotation “Promotion Office".

Moreover, the action is not the first one that was organised to help Ukrainians during the war. Students from Wrocław collect food for the war refugees who found a shelter, thanks to the University and its community. Seed collecting is another way to support them in this rough time.

The joint action lasts until May 19. On May 20, the collected seeds will be transported to Ukraine.