Information about the attack was confirmed by the Odessa City Council. It also reported on Telegram that one of the Russian missiles hit a toilet that stood on the beach. The outhouse was destroyed, but no one was hurt. Commenting on the attack, the City Council wrote that apparently, the Russians were trying to "drown the centre of Nazism in the toilet".


While it is not known exactly what kind of missile was used in the attack on the toilet in Odessa, it was probably one type of Kalibr missile, which costs about $6.5 million. 


The Ukrainian service warns that further shelling with Kalibr cruise missiles is to be expected. Some of them have a range of up to 2,500 km and can be fired from submarines, surface ships, aircraft and coastal launchers. It was with a Kalibr missile that an administration building in Kharkiv was destroyed in March. Seven people died as a result of the attack.