So-Close Project (in full: Enhancing Social Cohesion through Sharing the Cultural Heritage of Forced Migrations) is an initiative of the European Union, whose plan is to decrease the marginalization and exclusion of refugees. Since its launch in 2019, there are art-focused events where refugees can tell their life stories and explain their cultures and struggles. In Poland, Decius Villa Association participates in the program.

June 19th is an open day in the Decius Villa. At 1 P.M. Ainhoa Fletcha, the head of the Association will introduce the So-Close project to the visitors. Later will start guiding tours conducted in three languages: Polish, English and Ukrainian. At 1:30–3.30 P.M. will take place a discussion on “Testing StoryMap” based on telling life stories from the past and present. Later will be a vernissage of a virtual exhibition “Z tak daleka – tak blisko” (From So Far to So Close) conducted by Łucja Piekarska-Duraj, a doctor in European Studies. Throughout the whole event will also be activities of painting together. The event is free.