"Today, we are fighting inflation by all possible means and I hope that in a few months it will be in a downward trend," said the head of government.


The Prime Minister said that thanks to the actions of the current government, such as tax cuts, raising the free amount, and raising the minimum wage, there is more money left in the wallets of Poles.


"Lowering taxes, raising the minimum wage, raising the free amount, this is leaving a net in the wallets of Poles, in the case of some people it is more than 100 zlotys a month even more, and in the case of others, it is a few hundred zlotys a year. For example, for someone who earns 5,000 PLN gross, it is 800 to 900 PLN a year more in the wallet, so it is a definite sum that alleviates this pain of high prices," he said.


Morawiecki said that the introduced VAT reduction to zero on the vast majority of food products is a loss of 7 billion zlotys in the budget, and if it were not for the tax cut on fuel, we would have to pay a zloty more per litre than we do now.