"On 15 July this year, at a level crossing in Deblin (Lubelskie Voivodeship), two drivers and two female cyclists ignored the switched-on signals and bars. The second female cyclist hit her head on the lowering bar. Ambulance intervention was required. The CCTV recording has been forwarded to the services to identify and show all those who committed the offence," we read in the release


As highlighted, the footage was published as a warning.


"We would like to constantly remind you that a switched-on red light on the signal box is a notice to all road users that a train is approaching the crossing and it is no longer allowed to cross the tracks," informs PKP PLK. 


Railway employees remind that the STOP sign indicates the need to stop before the crossing. "You may only enter the crossing if an exit from the crossing is provided. When approaching the crossing, be extra careful and make sure that there is no train coming," they wrote.