The investigation, in this case, is being carried out under the supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Krakow. "We are publishing the reconstructed image of the deceased and are asking for people who recognise him to come forward, but also witnesses who have information about the circumstances under which the murder took place and people connected to this crime," - was handed over on Wednesday by a spokesman for the Małopolska police force, Lt Col. Sebastian Gleń.


Officers more than two years ago - while verifying their findings - came across a man's skeleton under the floor of a building in Krakow's Olsza district. A preliminary examination showed that the man had been killed by a gunshot to the head.


A public prosecutor's investigation into the case was launched and the police began analysing emerging information and threads. These findings indicated that the murder victim came from a criminal group operating in the city in the 1990s.


"These findings coincided with the results of the examination of the remains by specialists of the Department of Forensic Medicine, as well as the Institute of Forensic Expertise in Krakow, which determined the time of the murder to be in the 1990s (1995-1999)," the police spokesman reported. As Gleń added, "findings regarding the perpetrator or perpetrators of the murder are ongoing".


The victim's DNA was compared with the DNA database of missing persons, but this yielded no result. "Based on expert opinions from forensic medicine as well as anthropology - including, among other things, based on the properties recorded in the genetic code - a reconstruction of the victim's face was carried out," the spokesman explained.


The findings show that at the time of his death, the man was approximately 40 years old, 176 cm tall and weighed around 70 kg. Information about him, as well as a photo of his reconstructed face, has been forwarded to all police units in the country - however, the identity has still not been established.


Police are appealing for anyone with any information about the man's identity, the circumstances of his death and any knowledge of the perpetrator(s) of this crime to contact the Criminal Division of the Krakow Regional Police Station.


The police can be contacted at: (+48) 47 835 86 90. The services guarantee full anonymity to the reporting party.