The Russians continue to shell civilian targets in Ukraine. Last night rockets fell among others on Kharkiv, Nikopol and Mykolaiv. In the latter city, one of the richest Ukrainian businessmen, Oleksiy Vadatursky, died together with his wife. Meanwhile, authorities in Kyiv are calling on the residents of the Donetsk region to immediately evacuate from their homes.


“The gas pipeline supplying gas to the Donetsk Oblast has been permanently damaged, so we know that the winter season will be extremely difficult there. Many Donbas residents expected the war to end soon, and they were used to the eight-year-long war. People do not want to leave their homes, others say that they have to take care of sick parents, dogs or cats, and they are also accompanied by a strong fear of the unknown,” Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, said.


The Russians rejected the request of the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine to investigate the situation of prisoners of war in the Olenivka prison. The American company Maxar Technologies has published satellite photos of the facility, which show that after the July 29th explosion, only one facility was damaged.



The first ships to carry grain from Ukraine, through the Bosporus Strait are in the black sea awaiting further instructions. Turkey's Bosporus Strait will become a vital communication hub for Ukraine’s grain cargo ships before entering the international market, after a deal was signed by Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Nations.


The supplies of Ukrainian grain to the global market have been affected in recent months due to the blockade of its seaports by the Russian military.


On July 22, Ukraine and Russia separately signed a deal with Turkey and the UN in Istanbul to resume grain shipments from Ukrainian ports to international markets via the Black Sea.


The Black Sea Grain Initiative will allow significant volumes of commercial food and fertilizer exports from three key ports in the Black Sea, namely Odesa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhne.


Under the deal, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN will set up a joint coordination centre in Istanbul to handle shipments of crops outside the Black Sea port.


According to local media in Turkey, a Turkish captain said his ship was at Chornomorsk for wheat loading and waiting for further instructions from the joint coordination centre on sailing route and speed. If everything goes smoothly, his ship will arrive at the Bosporus Strait within 30 hours.