The Museum in Milicz presents a collection of baubles decorated with the Lower Silesian pattern. Lower Silesia is a region where the cultural identity did not survive after 1945. The population there is ethnographically diversed and it creates a kind of mosaic of traditions. The cultural richness of Lower Silesia lies precisely in this diversity of cultural threads.

The concept of a regional pattern for Lower Silesia combines design motifs of handicrafts from various parts of Poland into any composition that is a kind of mosaic of tradition. The author of the "contemporary Lower Silesian pattern" is a folk artist - Ryszard Glegoła. He creates compositions from folk design elements and transfers them to various objects, using the traditional method of "painting with wax". In his own decorative technique, he uses silicone paint instead of wax.

In 2021, the Department of Trade Marks at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland issued a decision on granting a protection right for the word-figurative trademark of Lower Silesia Pattern mosaic of tradition Lower Silesian bauble.