This year, for the second time in the festival's history, a unique French group "The Anookis", known for its bright games and jokes on the facades of buildings, was invited to Toruń. Frisky Anooki will be hosted, as in 2016, at the mapping presented on the facade of the Collegium Maximum building. The mapping will be addressed to families with children, referring to animations popular on the Internet. The multimedia part of the installation will be complemented by spatial, several-meter-high figures of Anookis placed in the festival area, showing nice characters in various situations: climbing on the roof of the Collegium Minus building or running on the lawn. 


The Anooki are the stars of the videomapping shows. Attracted by light, the Anooki invite themselves to cities and transform building facades into wonderful playgrounds. They get their inspiration from the places they’re in, from their architecture and history, to create lively musical shows that are lovely, fun and poetic. (

The Festival has been organised in Toruń since 2009 and its beginnings are connected with the fact that the town tried to become the European Capital of Culture 2016. The programme of this event is based on three pillars: science, art, and people. Bella Skyway Festival is a unique opportunity for young, talented artists who use light in their projects or specialize in multimedia techniques or large-format projections.

This year, one of the zones located in the Valley of Dreams will be devoted to installations selected under the open call recruitment. The artists apply not only from Poland but also from Italy, Germany, Singapore, Great Britain, and India.