Not so long ago, we wrote about the attack by eco-terrorists in the Cisna Forest District and Lutowiska Forest District. What is more, we also informed about the camp of pseudo-ecologists in the Stuposiany Forest District.


"Another pseudo-ecologists’ fake news! The Wild Carpathians initiative posted an alarming post on Facebook with a photo of a logged forest allegedly in Roztocze. The photo has been on the internet for years and illustrates the events in... Cambodia and Russia. They lie constantly and deliberately,” State Forests informed on Twitter.



A spokesperson for the State Forests also commented on the situation.


"For those who still doubt about who the 'environmentalists' from the Wild Carpathians Initiative are. Notorious liars whose only job is to attack the State Forests. It is difficult to fight such fake accounts, the best thing to do is just stop watching them," Michal Gzowski, State Forests spokesman, wrote on Twitter today.