It was a unique opportunity to see in one place common and rare arboreal fungi with hoof, semi-like or wallpaper-shaped fruiting bodies, all from the Białowieża Primeval Forest. These are species that can only be found in natural forests with a lot of dead wood", Head of the research and educational department of the BNP, Barbara Iwaniek told the PAP agency. She emphasized that no other national park in Poland can boast of such a wealth of arboreal mushrooms. 

The healing properties of these mushrooms - including anticancer and antiviral - are being investigated by scientists from INL of the Białystok University of Technology and the Medical University of Białystok. 

Exhibition in numbers:
🍄 182 identified species of mushrooms 😲
🍄 4 days of fieldwork 🌳
🍄 2 days of chamber works 🧐 


After the exhibition, the fungi were incorporated into the Fungi Extract Bank. It is a collection of extracts from several hundred species of large-fruited fungi - mostly from the morphological group of polyporoid fungi (arboreal, supernormal, mainly saprotrophs and parasites). Work on acquiring new research material is ongoing, which is why the bank is constantly increasing its resources - the authors of the project say on the official website.