Poles became the 3×3 U23 World Champions!

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The Polish national U23 men’s team was the best in the 3×3 U23 World Cup! In a crazy and emotional final, the White-Red beat Serbia 21:20, although 66 seconds before the end they were losing 15:20! The MVP of the finals was Mateusz Szlachetka.


What a World U23 Championship final it was! For years, Polish national teams have accustomed fans to fighting to the very end, incredible comebacks, and last-second throws. The U23 national team was no different in this respect, as in the match against Serbia they were far from winning at times.

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The Polish national team began their struggles at the World Championships on Wednesday. At the opening of the tournament, the Poles competed against top-seeded France. The Poles won 19:16. Two hours later, the team got off to a bad start against Brazil, which unfortunately defeated the Polish team. 


On Friday, the Poles played two more group matches, which ended with their victories. First, the White-Reds clearly defeated Ukraine (21:12) and then the Netherlands (21:17). In the battle for the best four of the World Cup, the Poles faced China. Their rivals started the match well, taking a 3:0 lead, but the Polish team quickly made up losses. Until the end of the match, the Polish team kept the lead.


In the semi-final, the Poles faced the Lithuanians. Thanks to consistent play, two minutes before the end Poles led 17:12. Lithuanians rushed to make up for the loss, but Poles kept the advantage. 

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The last and the most important match for gold and the title of the World Champions was between Poles and Serbia. After a very even game, the Poles defeated them and became the Champions! 


What is more, the MVP of the U23 World Championship was Mateusz Szlachetka!

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