11th European Economic Congress Begins in Katowice

The 11th European Economic Congress began in Katowice on Monday. It is one of the most significant economic and business events to be held in central Europe, and will this year see more than 150 debates take place discussing the future of Europe’s economies, businesses, and more.

Poland’s Civic Platform Leader Calls for Euro Adoption Debate

The leader of the opposition party Civic Platform, Grzegorz Schetyna, has called for a national debate on the adoption of the Euro currency. Speaking to Reuters, Schetyna explained that Poland needs time to “conduct an open debate on the Euro”.

Telewizja Republika to celebrate its 6th anniversary on May 9th

The gala, which will be livestreamed, will see a number of people receive prestigious awards for their achievements in politics, business and culture.

EU Demands Poland Contributes More

Vice President of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen has told the media in Warsaw that the European Union is “not just a money machine” and that Poland must contribute more.

Jan Rostowski to Run for European Parliament…in England

Jan Rostowski, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, is running for election to the European Parliament. He is standing for the Change UK party in the United Kingdom, a new party started by former members of the Labour Party and Conservative Party. He will be running as a candidate to represent London, and he could realistically be in with the chance of winning a seat.

Śmigus-dyngus, the Polish holiday which broke Anderson Cooper

Every Easter Monday, Poles engage in what must be one of the world's largest water fights. The tradition started over a thousand years ago in pagan times before incorporating Christian elements in the medieval era.
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Warsaw commemorates the 76th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The commemoration ceremony which took place in Warsaw on April 19th was the first such ceremony to take place following the death of the last Warsaw Ghetto Uprising veteran, Simcha Rotem, who passed away on the 22nd of December at the age of 94. 

2018 was a record-breaking year for Polish aviation

Polish airports served 45,7 million passengers in 2018, a 14% of increase compared to 2017 and an all-time high. The national flag carrier, LOT Polish Airlines carried almost two million passengers more than in 2017, with an impressive 8,7 million passengers served in 2018. According to aviation market experts, 2019 is expected to be another record year for LOT both in terms of cargo and passenger traffic.

Ultra-Modern Warsaw Concert Hall Plan Given Green Light

Plans to build the biggest concert hall in Poland in Warsaw’s Praga district have been given the green light, with the project expecting to be completed by 2023. The plans to build the 1,850-seat concert hall will fulfil the need of the Sinfonia Varsovia – the Polish symphony orchestra that was formed in 1984 and has been without a home ever since.

JACK BUCKBY REPORT – Poles commemorate the 25 000 officers killed by the Soviets in Katyń

The 1940 Katyń Massacre was for decades "forbidden knowledge" in Poland. Everybody knew that the Russian communists had killed around 25 000 Polish POWs in one of the largest massacres and war crimes of the Second World War. As long as Poland was ruled from Moscow, it was impossible to blame anyone else than the German Nazis for the massacre.

EU Claims Poland Broke Law Over Supreme Court Reform

The advisor to the European Union’s top court announced this week that Poland failed to uphold the independence of the Supreme Court, and broke EU law. A final judgement is still pending, but Advocate General Evgeni Tanchev announced in a statement:

No, Poland Isn’t a Step Closer to POLEXIT

The British press is enthusiastically reporting that Poland is one step closer to leaving the European Union, but it’s just not true.
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EU Takes Legal Action Against Poland Over Judicial Independence

The European Commission has continued its crusade against Poland’s attempts at reforming its domestic judicial system, announcing new legal action to be taken against Poland. The EC also threatened Romania, telling the nation to refrain from pardoning corrupt politicians.

No extra pensions for communist apparatchiks

According to Polish daily „Super Express”, the Polish government is working on a plan to exclude former communist aparatchicks from receiving one additional month’s pension payment each year. This extra pension benefit is one of the Law and Justice government’s proposals to help Polish pensioners with every day expenses. The amount of pension received by retired communist functionaries is usually at the upper level, so it has been decided that they do not need the additional payment. The 13th pension was supposed to be for all retirees, irrespective of income. Now, as reported by Super Express, the government is considering changes as a result of which the allowance may not be paid to retired judges and prosecutors from the communist era, as well as former officers of the communist security apparatus.

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Small number of antisemitic incidents in Poland decreases even further according to EU report

According to a report released by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Poland dropped last year by 33%. This is the 14th report of the EU agency, which includes, among others, verbal attacks, physical threats, harassment, discrimination, as anti-Semitic incidents.

Reawakening the memory of Joseph Rotblat, Polish Nobel Prize winner and one of the men behind the nuclear bomb

Few other Polish nuclear scientists have been as forgotten by the Polish general public as Joseph Rotblat. Known abroad as one the greatest champions of the global peace movement and one of the most influential proponents of nuclear disarmament, the memory of Rotblat in Poland has been fading away for years. Determined to do something to change that course, Warsaw officials have decided to name a centrally located square after him.

Polish Independence Day March draws 250 000 people

The annual Polish Independence Day March took place yesterday in Warsaw and managed to attract a record crowd, estimated by the police to number 250 000 people. Last year, the march was heavily criticized by liberal Western media after a group called “the Black Block” appeared at the march and brought with them banners containing far-right slogans. This year, the group was stopped from travelling to Warsaw by the Polish security services and as a result, racist banners were not seen at the march. Nevertheless, some media outlets continued the depict the people participating in the march as extremists. Bloomberg for example published an article with the headline “Fascist flags on Poland’s 100th birthday show a fractured Europe”.

What next for the Three Seas Initiative?

US Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, will arrive in Poland today and is expected to sign an agreement on strengthened cooperation in the field of energy security. Poland is just one of the destinations on his trip to Central Eastern Europe. Perry will be holding a string of meetings with leaders in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The US Secretary of Energy visited Central Eastern Europe as recently as September, as the highest US representative at the Three Seas Initiative summit. His frequent visits to the region appear to confirm that the Donald Trump administration remains determined to increase the US presence in Central Eastern Europe in accordance with President Trump’s indication made by personally participating in the 2017 Three Seas Initiative Summit in Warsaw, Poland.

Will Fort Trump get the green light from Washington?

Polish President Andrzej Duda’s proposition to US President Donald Trump, to build a permanent US military base on Polish soil and name it “Fort Trump” quickly went viral around the world. President Duda revealed that such an offer had been made at a joint press conference in Washington following a bilateral meeting between the two presidents in the White House. Trump’s reaction, smiling and raising his eyebrows in satisfaction to the proposal of naming the base after him, instantly drew the attention of the international press to the issue of a permanent US military base in Poland. Many observers argued that Duda’s intention was just that, raising awareness in the West about Poland’s ambition to not be treated as a second-rate NATO member any longer while also stroking Trump’s ego in order to work his way into the US president's good graces

Measles in Mazovia

The effects of the anti-vaccination movement are starting to show in the statistics.

The Craiova Group announces plans to submit a joint bid for hosting the 2030 FIFA World Cup

The successful cooperation between the Visegrad Group, consisting of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia has inspired other European countries to set up their own forms of regional cooperation. The latest summit of the Craiova Group, made up of Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia has just concluded and its seems like the four countries have agreed to submit a joint bid to host the 2030 football World Cup