Graves of the Warsaw Uprising 1944 heros cleaned up!

    On Saturday, Poland will remember the participants of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 for the 76th time. During the ceremony, we will be able to meet the dwindling number of fighters who have survived to the present day. Poles will also remember the graves of those who are considered to be forever young: those who died in the fight for freedom.

    WW2 bomb beneath Warsaw. 1500 inhabitants evacuated!

    A German bomb from the Second World war weighing 500 pounds or 250 kilograms has been found during construction work on Warsaw metro. Before removing the bomb, city authorities evacuated 1,500 people from nearby buildings. If an explosion had occurred, it would have destroyed the area within a 1,200 meter radius..

    Poles must unite around ambitious projects

    This year, Poland begins the annual presidency of the Visegrad Group. It falls on an extraordinary period of economic downturn and the coronavirus crisis....

    Interpretative fight over the rule of law

    In the conclusions, the provision on the rule of law is very subtle and indistinct, so there is an interpretation struggle, the MEP prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski speaks for the portal.

    Poles stand by men and women in blue uniforms.

    80 percent Poles believe that police officers perform their tasks well, and 71 percent trust them. This is a good result compared to other western nations.

    Rick Perry – former US Energy Secretary: I don't think people of Poland have anything to look forward to but greatness in the...

    Leaders like chairman Kaczyński and President Andrzej Duda, are the individuals who clearly send the message around the world that the future of Poland is bright. That energy resources that you have on shore and the energy resources that you develop with relationships will continue to make Poland if not the leading country in Europe, certainly one of the strongest, most committed to democracy countries in the entire, not just European Union, but in the world. Said Rick Perry at the Lech Kaczyński's Prometheus Award Ceremony in Warsaw, Poland.

    Poland's Natural Gas strategy. Jolanta Pawlak talks to Jerzy Kwieciński, President of PGNiG, or the Polish Oil Mining and Gas Extraction

    The potential of the liquid natural gas terminal named after Lech Kaczyński in Świnoujście, (...) is 5 billion cubic meters and our sister company in Poland, which deals with the infrastructure, Gaz-System, is currently expanding this terminal, is about 8 billion cubic meters. This will provide us, on the one hand, with diversification of supplies and will ensure us full independence from Russian gas. - Said Jerzy Kwieciński CEO of he Polish Oil Mining and Gas Extraction.

    Memorial day for Poland and United States by Peter Ballas-Bograd

    In the United States there is an omnipresent tradition of ensuring that heroes are properly recognized – every month – especially in May. We then celebrate Military Appreciation Month and the intrepid men and women who innumerably risk their lives in the name of America and the values it embraces. The U.S. Congress specifically designated this time of the year as Military Appreciation Month in 1999 to ensure every American is given the opportunity to publicly show their gratitude to our Armed Forces. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Americans can witness the bravery and compassion of our troops at first hand.

    Thousands of people expressed their support for the reform of the judiciary in Poland!

    20 thousand Poles gathered in Warsaw today to defend the judiciary reform at a protest which took place in front of the Constitutional Tribunal in Warsaw. The participants of the assembly demanded that the European Union respect Poland's sovereign right to reform its judiciary.

    Homage to Jan Olszewski paid on the first anniversary of his death

    Representatives of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Sejm, as well as Law and Justice politicians, including the party’s chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski, gathered today to celebrate the first anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister Jan Olszewski. They laid wreaths and lit candles at his grave at the Powazki Military Cemetery.

    Thousands demonstrate in defence of the Polish judicial reform

    The demonstration in defence of the Polish judicial reform is being held in front of the Constitutional Tribunal building in Warsaw. The organisers of the manifestation are the ‘Sovereignty’ committee and the ‘Gazeta Polska’ clubs. The Editor-in-chief of the ‘Gazeta Polska’ newspaper commented on the initiative.

    WW2 hero, prof. Witold Kieżun celebrates 98th birthday

    Witold Kieżun, economics professor and veteran of the Polish Military Underground during the Second World War, turns 98 today. A picture taken of him during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising remains one of the most iconic photos of the 63-day-long Polish uprising against the German Army. All of us at Poland Daily wish you a happy birthday professor. Sto lat!

    Support for the rule of law in Poland. Massive protest planned for this Saturday

    Activists supporting Polish justice reform will meet this Saturday, February 8th in Warsaw, Poland before the Constitutional Tribunal building at noon. Dozens of thousands of people from all over the country declared to participate.

    A Holocaust survivor: Poland is the safest country for Jews in Europe

    The 75th anniversary of the liberation of the German Auschwitz concentration camp is being  commemorated in Oświęcim Brzezinka. The anniversary ceremony gathered around 200 former prisoners...

    Russia continues its “historical offensive” against Poland. Was Warsaw “liberated” by Soviet troops on January 17 1945?

    The Russian Defence Ministry accused Poland's World War Two Home Army (AK) of exterminating Jews and Ukrainians in Warsaw before the city's so-called liberation in 1945 by the Red Army. Russia celebrated January 17th as the 75th anniversary of the "liberation day" of Warsaw. Yet the Red Army reached the Vistula river five months earlier August 1944. According to historians, Russians did little to stop Nazi Germans from butchering Poles defending their capital city.

    Minister of Justice defends reform of a judiciary system

    Minister of justice Zbigniew Ziobro appeared before the Senate yesterday to defend the amendments to the common courts’ bill currently being considered by the Senate. Ziobro said the changes proposed by the Law and Justice government are an expression of respect for the “democratic state of law” and addressed the issue of the Polish judiciary which had increasingly become “a state within a state”.

    Kremlin propaganda has targeted wrong person. Ambassador Lipski was not antysemite!

    Russia's president Vladimir Putin has accused the Polish ambassador to Germany Józef Lipski (who served from 1933-1939) of anti-Semitism. The portal has published an interview with his biographer, prof. Marcin Wołos, who considers this accusation baseless.

    Soviets colluded with Nazi Germany in Holocaust – say movie authors “Soviet Story”

    The authors of the film "Soviet Story showed that both the Soviets and Germans cooperated in the extermination of Jews

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    Meet the participants of the 8th nationwide Large Families convention !

    President Andrzej Duda and First Lady are attending the three day meeting in Warsaw.

    Estimation of December 2018 inflation at 1.1 %

    Central Statistical Office (GUS) said that December inflation in...

    Election in Poland: 56 votes recounts claimed!

    The Polish Supreme Court has received 56 recount requests, the deadline for the lodging of which was midnight Tuesday, October 22. The governing Law and Justice party has demanded a recount in 6 districts, two of which were Senate districts. The largest opposition party, Civic Platform, filed two requests. As a result of the elections, Law and Justice lost its majority in the upper chamber. In one district the opposition candidate won by some 300 votes with thousands of votes having been declared invalid. Opposition leader Grzegorz Schetyna hopes that opposing the recounts will stop the Supreme Court from ordering them and save his job, since following the opposition’s electoral loss, many are calling for his head. From the Sejm, Aleksandra Zarzycka reports.

    Independence Day in Poland

    Poland celebrates one of its most important national holidays today – the anniversary of the country’s regaining independence in 1918, 123 years after the third partition of Poland in 1795. On this 101st anniversary, the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, laid flowers in front of the statues of the so-called fathers of Independence. After that, the Polish head of state and many other government officials attended a solemn Holy Mass offered for the Country.

    Founders of Amber Gold ponzi scheme got prison term!

    The Gdańsk regional court has sentenced the former president of Amber Gold, Marcin P. to 15 years in prison. His wife, Katarzyna, was sentenced to 12.5 years. Apart from their prison sentences, the pair have been forbidden to engage in any business activity for a period of ten years, been given fines of 159,000 and 135,000 zloty respectively, as well as being ordered to reimburse the damages caused.

    Seper fidelis prize for preservation of Polish heritage

    The Institute of National Remembrance handed the “Semper Fidelis” awards for the first time to people and institutions, which particularly helped to preserve the Polish heritage in the Borderlands. The Borderlands are eastern parts of Poland which were taken away by the Soviet Union following the Yalta conference in 1945. Among those awarded were priest Roman Dzwonkowski, sociologist and professor of social sciences; the president of the Association of Home Army soldiers in Belarus, Col. Weronika Sebastianowicz; and the Commander of the Polish Scouts in Ukraine and Lithuania, Stefan Adamski.

    In Poland women live 7 years longer

    In 2019, the average life expectancy of men in Poland was 74.1 years and of women 81.8 years. Compared to 2018, life expectancy has increased respectively by 0.3 and 0.1 years, and by 7.9 and 6.6 years taking into account 1990, the Central Statistical Office (Główny Urząd Statystyczny) reported.