Anna Tybor Becomes the First Woman to Descend from Broad Peak

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Alpinist Anna Tybor has made history as the first woman to successfully descend from Broad Peak, a challenging 8,051-meter mountain on the border of China and Pakistan. The feat was officially announced by the Polish press office.

The daring expedition proved to be a test of endurance for Tybor and her partner, Tom Lafaille. After reaching the summit at 14:40 Polish time, they swiftly overcame adverse weather conditions and descended to Camp 3 at approximately 7,000 meters, where they spent the night. The entire summit action took them a full day to complete.

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Conquering Manaslu and Beyond

This accomplishment adds to Tybor’s already impressive mountaineering resume, having descended from another formidable 8,156-meter peak, Manaslu, in October 2021.

Despite the challenges faced during the expedition, Tybor remains determined. She plans to take some well-deserved rest before embarking on new adventures and sharing her experiences through social media updates.

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