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    Soldiers will strengthen police patrols

    We must comply with the introduced restrictions. Unfortunately, last weekend is a proof that not everyone took seriously the rules that we should all obey now – Michał Dworczyk said on Radio Jedynka today. The head of the Office of the Prime Minister also announced that the current restrictions will be more enforced.

    Dworczyk added that police patrols would be strengthened. “Deputy Prime Minister Sasin mentioned that police patrols would be strengthened. They will be strengthened with soldiers in some cases in order to enforce these regulations for the safety of us all. The second direction is to analyse the situation further and possibly within the next few dozen hours, decide to introduce some additional restrictions to reduce the increase in the number of sick people”, Dworczyk said in the broadcast “Sygnały dnia”. The Minister announced that the introduced restrictions would be more forcefully enforced.”We came to the conclusion after this weekend that we will definitely need to enforce decisions that have already been made”, he said.


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