In Ghazir where Slowacki wrothe the “Anhelli” 

The serpentine roads lead uphill. I have the best experts on Lebanon as travelling companions. Kazimierz Gajowy, Adam Rosłoniec and Aleksandra Smejda-Rosłoniec from the Fenicja Foundation are with me. It...

TAD announces the termination of its business in Russia

TAD is an IT company founded in St. Petersburg in 2018, now we have 25 employees. In 2021 80% of our turnover was under contracts concluded within Russia.
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EC takes step towards recovery fund payout, says gov’t spokesperson

The possibility that the EU could grant Poland access to a multi-billion-euro post-pandemic recovery fund has improved after the European Commission accepted key documents.

Germany sustains the offer of Patriots for Poland 

Germany's chancellor and defence minister have said an offer to provide Poland with US-made Patriot air-defence systems is still on the table.

Poland to subsidize energy and food price in 2023 to keep inflation at bay

Poland to consider accepting Patriots from Germany, says Prime Minister 

Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland's prime minister, said on Monday that Poland country would consider accepting the Patriot air defence units from Germany if Berlin decides not to transfer them to Ukraine as requested by Warsaw.

Crazy fan received Lewandowski’s jersey

A video featuring the fan went viral after the Poland-Saudi Arabia match. When Robert Lewandowski scored a goal for 2:0, one of the fans took off his Arabia jersey, under which he had another, but White and Reds’ jersey with Robert’s surname on it and started cheering for the Poles. 

Poland defeated Saudi Arabia! What a match! 

Poland defeated Saudi Arabia 2:0 at the World Cup in Qatar. The goal in the 39th minute was scored by Piotr Zielinski! Wojciech Szczesny defended a penalty kick before the break and in the second half, Robert Lewandowski scored a goal!

Igor Gajewski – the Polish aerialist won a silver medal!

The Polish aerialist from Bielsko-Biała, Igor Gajewski won a silver medal at the 2022 International Pole Sports Federation...

Poland draws first match with Mexico in Qatar

Poland's footballers played a goalless match against Mexico in their first match at the World Cup in Qatar. Robert Lewandowski missed a penalty kick in the second half.
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In Ghazir where Slowacki wrothe the “Anhelli” 

The serpentine roads lead uphill. I have the best experts...

The Polish farmer’s cheese doughnuts recipe

Looking for a perfect recipe for a sweet Sunday...

Preparation time. Advent starts today

Advent is a special time for Christians. It precedes Christmas and is a period of spiritual preparation for the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Non-believers also enjoy some Advent symbols and customs.
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Polish police break up gang linked to pseudo football fans 

A huge operation, involving nearly a thousand officers, was prepared and carried out on Tuesday by the Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBSP), under the supervision of the Silesian Branch of the National Public Prosecutor's Office.

More than 6,000 drivers are in jail for traffic offences

More than 6,300 people are serving sentences in Polish prisons for traffic offences with the vast majority of them being drunk drivers, a Prison Guard spokesperson has told PAP.

She was living with her 2 years old daughter in a tent

A 24-year-old female was living in a tent with her 2 years old daughter. The child was taken...
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