IV Congress of the Academy of Patriotism - new topics, new challenges
Krakow and Warsaw. On Saturday, September 11, these cities hosted the audience of the 4th Congress of the Patriotism Academy. The guests of the convention were journalists, among others journalist Jacek Liziniewicz, D.Sc Klaudia Cymanow-Sosin, and Piotr Wasilewski.
PGE supported the purchase of original Home Army documents
The PGE Foundation made another donation to the Warsaw Uprising Memorial Museum for the purchase of original conspiracy documents of the Home Army from 1943-1944. The collection consists of reports, combat reports, situational reports from the units included in the 2nd Region of the 1st District of Śródmieście South of the Home Army.
Terlecki: Poland and Hungary the last countries to leave the European Union
Poland and Hungary are the last countries to leave the European Union, said Ryszard Terlecki, the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, the head of the PiS (Law and Justice party) club on Thursday. He also announced that Poland would actively participate in the discussion on the future of the EU.
Polish volleyball players are bookmakers' favorites
Poland is the bookmakers' favorite to win Saturday's European Championship semi-final match against Slovenia. In case of overcoming this obstacle, bookmakers bet on the White-Reds also in the final match, both if the opponent is Serbia or Italy.
Kielce BIKE-EXPO 2021
Electromobility is gradually ceasing to be an alien, niche term used by experts, and is becoming part of the public discussion. Technology has begun to catch up with our needs, which are the desire to move quickly but also to fight for the environment. It is the topic of electric bikes in the Polish electromobility plan that the September forum, organized by Targi Kielce in cooperation with the Polish Bicycle Association, will be devoted to.
St Mary’s Church
Over 800 years of history, an altar by Veit Stoss (Wit Stwosz), a bugle call, the starry polychrome of the vault by Jan Matejko. And all this in one church in the center of Krakow!
Police officers will be driving criminals' cars
Police officers from the Gdańsk Central Bureau of Investigation will drive cars that previously belonged to criminals. The public prosecutor seized the cars from the drug mafia and handed them over to the police under the so-called Covid Law.
"Laboratories of the Future" - PLN One billion for school equipment
A lost painting by Albert Edelfelt recovered!
An oil painting by Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt "Under the Birches / Children in a Birch Forest by the Haiko Fjord" from 1882, lost during World War II, found its way to the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.
Stained glass "Apollo. System Copernicus" at the exhibition in London
The stained glass window "Apollo. System Copernicus" - reconstructed based on a project by Stanisław Wyspiański - will be presented at the exhibition devoted to the art of Young Poland at the William Morris Gallery in London.
PGE and Ørsted launch tender for turbines for Baltica Offshore Wind Farm
PGE and Ørsted are launching a tender for the supplier of wind turbine generators for the Offshore Wind Farm Baltica (OWF Baltica), the most capital-intensive part of the investment.
Here is the first ever installation of lamellar sun breakers with perovskite solar cells
Lublin hosted a memorable event, as on 24 August the first-ever installation of sun breaker lamellas with perovskite cells was unveiled. 
FOR FOREST, FOR PEOPLE - a social campaign of the State Forests
How do State Forests try to reconcile the different expectations of the public and the needs of the timber industry and economic development of the country at the same time? What is sustainable, multifunctional forest management? How do foresters ensure the sustainability of the forest?  These questions, among others, are to be answered by the national social campaign of the State Forests "FOR FOREST, FOR PEOPLE" starting on 16 September this year.
Traditional Cebularz recipe
Cebularz is a characteristic showpiece of Lublin. You can find it in practically every bakery in Lublin. They are tempting in appearance and smell.
Are we creating the future seen by Stanisław Lem? Polish scientists join forces with online creators on Facebook and Instagram
Facebook celebrates the 100th anniversary of Stanisław Lem's birth and encourages us to peek into the future of science and technology in reference to the works of the Polish master of science fiction. In a campaign launched by the company, popular creators give the floor to scientists who take over their social media feeds and compare the future that Lem saw with their research and reflections. The vision of the future created by Polish researchers can be found on the channels of Make Life Harder, Kasia Gandor, Michał Korkosz "Rozkoszny", Remigiusz Maciaszek "Rock" and Patryk Mikiciuk, among others.
International Day of Democracy
Democracy is a universal value based on the freedom to decide on the shape of political, economic, and social systems - this is the message of the holiday proclaimed by the United Nations.
The most famous snack from the Lublin region
Lublin's most famous bakery product – round-shaped wheat flatbread, crunchy and topped with onions and poppy seeds called cebularz.
One of the toughest matches is behind us. Poles win against Russia
Today's match between the Poles and the Russians will surely pass into history. The win guaranteed Poland's promotion to the semifinals of the European Volleyball Championship.  After a fierce battle, the Poles won 3:0 against the Russians.
Millions of viewers watched the beatification Holy Mass of Primate Wyszyński and Mother Czacka
Over 2 million viewers followed the beatification Holy Mass on September 12 of Primate Stefan Wyszyński and mother Elżbieta Czacka broadcast live on the most important television stations, informed the press office of the Archdiocese of Warsaw.
Celebrating the Year of Jan Kowalewski as the Historical Event 2020
The celebration of the Year of Jan Kowalewski, the exhibition "Łódź micro-stories. Human micro-stories" and the launch of the educational portal Polish Music Library won in the Plebiscite "Historical Event of the Year" for 2020.
Will there be a national holiday for the heroes of the Wielkopolskie Uprising?
President Andrzej Duda submitted to the Sejm a bill on establishing the National Day for the Victory of the Wielkopolskie Uprising. The draft amendment aims to make December 27 a public holiday to commemorate the 1918-1919 uprising, announced the Chancellery of the President on Tuesday.
Hundreds of scams every day
There is no surprise that criminals break into other people's accounts and steal the funds deposited there. Cyber security experts, as well as bankers, have long been alarmed about the problem. The scale of the practice is nevertheless shocking. Only in the first quarter, the National Bank of Poland recorded 60 thousand unauthorized payment transactions, and this number is expected to grow. Therefore, it is necessary not only to caution electronic banking users but to educate them periodically.
Why are such authorities as John Paul II and Stefan Wyszynski no longer present in the Church? Przeciszewski replies
Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Pope John Paul II are legendary figures who have left an incredible mark on the fate of Poland. In the Church today, however, it is difficult to find individuals who could be compared to them in terms of the format. - The Church was repressed, persecuted by the communists, so naturally, everyone gathered around this central figure [...] The number of believers that we have in Poland is the result of the last two centuries of history,' assessed Marcin Przeciszewski in an interview for Niezalezna.pl.
A mob of Romanian mushroom pickers besieged the Podkarpacie region. Even the foresters are afraid
After three years, when mushroom pickers from Romania first appeared in the Podkarpacie region, the practice is increasingly flourishing. Although, as EU citizens, they have the right to harvest in publicly accessible forests, representatives of the State Forests alert that mushrooms are being exported in special coolers on a mass scale to western Europe. The prosecutor's office refuses to institute proceedings, and foresters admit that they are afraid to go out into the field when they might come into contact with a group of several dozen young foreigners.
37. Warsaw Film Festival starts on October 8
The festival will be held from 8 to 17 October in the traditional formula. The festival cinemas will be located in the heart of Warsaw, in Multikino Złote Tarasy and Kinoteka. The pre-sale of tickets starts on September 30.
The situation on the eastern border of the EU and NATO remains tense. Rau: This is especially worrying for Poland
"A journalist who knew too much." The premiere of a new book about Jarosław Ziętar is ahead of us
"A Journalist Who Knew Too Much" is the title of a new book about a journalist from Poznań, Jarosław Zięta. The premiere of the publication is scheduled for Wednesday. The authors try to answer questions in the report, among others why the young reporter had to die and what was the role of the secret services in this case.
Great news from France. Polish illustrator wins a prestigious award
Great news from France. Polish illustrator Joanna Concejo was awarded the prestigious illustrator award Grand Prix de l'illustration jeunesse 2021. The artist was honoured for illustrations to the book "Sénégal" by Artur Scriabin, announced on Twitter of the Book Institute.
"We are looking for Polish Shakespeare". The competition launches
The Hieronim Konieczka Polish Theater in Bydgoszcz and the Polish Center of the International Association of Theaters for Children and Youth ASSITEJ announce the 18th National Competition for Young Playwriters "We are looking for Polish Shakespeare".
CJEU and the defence of the rule of law. What is hiding under that cloak? Kaleta: Political intentions only
- “Exposing the CJEU's alleged defense of the rule of law shows that these are only political intentions resulting from the fact that Poland is currently the largest state in the EU, which pursues a policy convergent with the concept of the EU as a confederation of states respecting the sovereignty of each of them," the Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta said on Michał Rachoń's #Jedziemy program.
They ran for health for the 14th time
The Oncology Run (Onco-run) broke another record for cancer patients. On Sunday, 12 September, for the fourteenth time Poles - and not only - ran in a gesture of solidarity with cancer patients and their families. It's all thanks to the event that the Sarcoma Association has been organizing for 14 years, namely "Onco-run - Together for Health!".
Poznań: By a hair's breadth from tragedy. The driver showed skill
There was a very dangerous situation on one of the roads in Poznan. The driver of an Opel Astra, thanks to his exceptional skill, avoided hitting a cyclist who had entered a pedestrian crossing. The entire incident was recorded by another road user's car DVRs.
How to improve access to biological therapy in Poland?
Biological drugs have revolutionised medicine, as they have proved effective against diseases for which previously used pharmaceuticals did not work. In Poland, access to these therapies is still much worse than in other EU countries. However, thanks to competition in the market, the prices of these drugs are falling, which creates an opportunity to increase the number of patients treated.
The registration for the European Future Forum
The XXX Economic Forum has come to an end, but at the same time, registration for the European Future Forum to be held at the Silesian Stadium on 6-8 October is launched.
Zeppelin over Silesia. Airship will fly over Katowice, Bielsko, Częstochowa, Gliwice
The airship will be flying over the region during the weekend, over Katowice, Gliwice, Częstochowa, Bielsko-Biała and Czechowice-Dziedzice. And what a way to do it! This Zeppelin is 75 metres long. There are only 6 such airships in the world. Where and when to watch it? Here are the start times. Tickets for Zeppelin flights cannot be purchased. The organizer of the flights is the ZF Group, a company specializing in technological solutions for the automotive industry.
Polish National Parks – Gorce National Park
The symbol of the park is a black-spotted salamander on a yellow background. The area of Gorce was considered extremely valuable and worth protecting mainly because of its natural and landscape values much earlier than the establishment of the Park because it was noticed already before World War II.
Today the beatification of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Mother Elżbieta Czacka [LIVE]
The Catholic Church will gain two new blessings today: at noon in the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw a mass for the beatification of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and Mother Elżbieta Czacka will begin. About 7 thousand people will take part in the ceremonies, among them: representatives of the highest state authorities headed by President Andrzej Duda. The liturgy will be presided over by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Cardinal Marcello Semeraro.
Lubelskie Region Cuisine
Dishes from Lublin cuisine have always been characterized by simplicity and nutritiousness. The culinary heritage of the Lublin region is related to its border location where the Eastern and Western cultures meet.
Poland defeated Finns
Polish volleyball players won group A and advanced to the knockout stage of the European Championship 2021 with a set of victories. In the first meeting of this part of the tournament, they faced the Finnish team in Gdansk.
Tragedy during the Rally of Silesia. Pilot dead, rally cancelled
The tragic event occurred during the Silesia Rally. One of the crews fell off the course and hit a fence. The pilot died on the spot.
PM: The Polish Deal will be beneficial to the entire society
Norwid's "Wanda" at the opera
The drama of Norwid's "Wanda", as well as the history of Poland, cannot be understood without a connection with Christianity, with the sacrifice, said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński, during the premiere of the opera "Wanda" in the arcaded courtyard of the Royal Castle in Krakow.
Daniel Olbrychski with a prestigious award in Hungary
Daniel Olbrychski received the European Cinema Ambassador Award on Friday at the CineFest International Film Festival in Miskolc, Hungary, announced Elvira Kubik.
The PGE Foundation commemorates Cardinal Wyszyński
2021 is the year of the 120th anniversary of birth and the 40th anniversary of the death, as well as the beatification of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. Therefore, 2021 was designated the year of the Primate of the Millennium. On this occasion, the PGE Foundation became involved in projects in the field of culture and art, commemorating the person of the Cardinal.
NASK: The answer to the rise of hybrid threats is a higher level of public awareness
The development of new technologies brings new forms of cyber threats, but also raises the level of digital awareness of citizens and the state - said the participants of the debate of the National Research Institute NASK on hybrid threats in cyberspace at the Economic Forum in Karpacz (7-9 September 2021).
The digital revolution is happening and it's time to accelerate it
The digital revolution taking place in Poland results not only from the necessity dictated by the pandemic but also from a mental change. Entrepreneurs and consumers have seen how quickly and safely many things can be done online, and officials have finally trusted citizens. The next stage should be the expansion of broadband infrastructure - agreed by the participants of the panel discussion devoted to e-administration and e-services during the XXX Economic Forum in Karpacz (7-9 September 2021).
90,000 apartments for rent will be built in Poland by 2028
Currently, in Poland, the institutional lease offers 7.3 thousand apartments, of which 4 thousand are managed by PFR Nieruchomości (PFR Property). However, this market is growing rapidly. By 2028, 90,000 such rental units are expected to be built.
Gliński in Karpacz about new cultural challenges
The head of the Ministry of Culture, Piotr Gliński, during the XXX Economic Forum in Karpacz emphasized cultural challenges. He mentioned the development of new, undemocratic ideologies and phenomena, including political correctness or a virtual community meant as a new communication environment.
The Museum of Heritage and Culture of Kresy will be built in Brzeg
The Museum of Heritage and Culture of Kresy will be built in the building of the former Illustre Gymnasium in Brzeg. On Wednesday, the Opole voivode signed a decision to hand over the building to the Museum of the Silesian Piasts, whose branch will be a new facility, informed on the website of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage, and Sport.