“It’s not even mobilization, it’s just slavery.” That’s how Andrii Yusov describe the behaviour of the Russian Army towards occupied Donbas’ residents
"It's not even mobilization, it's just slavery. People are literally sent to slaughter,” the Ukrainian defence intelligence reported on Telegram.
Drugs in the camp of pseudo-ecologists
Drugs in large quantities indicating their commercial use, gas guns, and crossbows were found by police officers at a camp of pseudo-ecologists blocking forestry work in the Stuposiany Forest District. The forest, which was occupied by members of the Wilczyce Collective, also called the Forest Occupation Movement Wilczyce, is devastated and polluted.
Gdańsk scientists are working on personalised lung cancer vaccine
The team from the International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) at the University of Gdańsk want to collect immune cells from patients’ blood samples which can recognise and fight against cancer.
Poland won a bronze medal at the European Championships 2022 in Munich!
Our women from the Polish National Team won the first medal at the European Championships in Munich. The cyclists won a bronze medal in the Women's Team Sprint competition in cycling. Congratulations to Marlena Karwacka, Urszula Łoś, and Nikola Sibiak!
13th edition of Bella Skyway Festival in Toruń
This summer, the 13th edition of Bella Skyway Festival will once again illuminate the heart of Toruń. This light festival will be held on August 16–20, 2022. For five summer evenings, the amazing glow of light installations will enliven the city’s night scenery. The idea of the 13th Bella Skyway Festival is “Event Horizon.” Following the writer Rafael Ábalos: "You just need to look further than your eyes can see. Then it may happen that the invisible becomes visible."
PM: The officials responsible for the poor response to the Odra river crisis were fired. No heavy metals found in Odra's samples
Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister, has fired, the CEO of Polish Waters, the state-owned company in charge of water management in Poland, and the head of the Environmental Protection Inspectorate in response to their handling of the River Odra pollution disaster.
The Wawel Dragon's birthday picnic in Kraków
A birthday picnic will be held tomorrow at the Błonia in a recreated early medieval settlement. The host will be the Wawel Dragon himself. The dragon's birthday party will be the culminating event of this year's "dragon summer" in Kraków.
Poland's 18th Festival "Chopin and his Europe" to start on Sunday in Warsaw [VIDEO]
Dead fish in Oder River - Indications of water contamination [VIDEO]
Day 170: Planes worth $380 million destroyed in attack on Russian airport in Crimea [VIDEO]
14 years ago late President Lech Kaczyński demonstrated international support for Georgia in Tbilisi [VIDEO]
Polish firefighters were sent to France's aid as wildfires rage
A Polish rescue group set out from Nuremberg towards Bordeaux to help extinguish fires in the Landiras region. Thousands of hectares of pine forest have been burnt. More than 700 hectares of forest area have already been burned, and 3,000 people evacuated. Bartkowiak: "Usually we are sent the most difficult sections. But I think we will handle it calmly (...) firefighters from the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Szczecin and Wrocław have experience from Greece and Sweden. We know that they are the best of the best!".
A 5-year-old boy died in a tram accident in Warsaw
A terrible tragedy took place in Warsaw's Praga today. A 5-year-old boy slipped under a tram on Jagiellońska Street at the Battalion "Platerówek" station. The tram was dragging the five-year-old's body along the tram track and other passengers could do nothing about it. The boy's hopeless grandmother was the most shocked. The boy died in the accident. According to the spokesman for Warsaw Trams, Maciej Dutkiewicz, the 5-year-old was probably pinched by the tram's door.
“The World of Master Beksiński.” An incredible concert in Katowice
“Beksiński created his paintings in constant contact with music. Among the composers he most often mentioned was Alfred Schnittke. Hence the idea to show Beksiński's paintings in integral connection with music, which gives the viewer the possibility of a deepened emotional experience,” Beksiński Foundation wrote on Facebook.
The economic institute predicts the inflation rate to remain a two-digit number till the year's end
Inflation will continue at a two-digit level until the end of the year, with a slight rise in August and a fall in Q4, the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), a state-owned think-tank, said on Friday citing the latest figures from the Central Statistical Office (GUS).
Russia's losses after the attack on the airbase in Crimea are summarised. The amounts are impressive!
Russian military equipment destroyed following Tuesday's attack on an airbase in Novofedorivka in annexed Crimea was worth $650-850 million, the Ukrainian edition of Forbes estimated.
The morning of Saturday 13 August will mark the "Night of Shooting Stars"
This year's Perseid meteor shower, or "night of shooting stars", will fall on Saturday 13 August in the morning. Astronomical picnics are organised at this time in various places in Poland. The Perseids can be observed in lesser intensity already earlier.
Polish gaming star SimFabric S.A. makes its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
One of Poland's leading gaming companies, SimFabric, debuts on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange today, August 12. The company has been listed on the NewConnect market since 2020.
Dead fish in Oder River on Polish-German border. Polish government to investigate possible contamination [VIDEO]
Yesterday, the Polish Fishermen’s Association reported that over three tonnes of dead fish have been hauled out of the River Oder as water company officials warned people against entering the river and the Polish government pledged to investigate possible contamination.
Von Der Leyen says Poland must meet further conditions to obtain National Reconstruction Plan funds [VIDEO]
The President of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, has said that Poland should meet further conditions to obtain financing from the reconstruction fund. According to experts, Brussels' expectations have no legal basis, as the decision on this matter was already made in June.
85th anniversary of the Soviet genocide against Poles [VIDEO]
85 years ago, on August 11, 1937, the head of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD), Nikolai Yezhov, issued Order No. 00485, ordering "the complete liquidation of Polish spy networks". It was a signal to start the Polish operation - a gigantic extermination action, the victims of which were approximately 100,000 Poles in the former Polish borderlands.
Day 169: Explosions at a Belarusian military airport and Russian attacks in Bakhmut [VIDEO]
Six civilians were killed in the last 24 hours as a result of the Russian attacks in Bakhmut in the Donetsk Oblast. In Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk region, two people died and seven were injured. There were also explosions at a Belarusian military airport. The United Kingdom and Denmark announced another tranche of military aid for Ukraine.
Is Putin scared? He sent Medvedev to Ukraine
The former President of the Russian Federation and current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev visited the occupied part of Ukraine today and took part in a ‘security meeting.’ As might be noted he did it on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Is Vladimir Putin scared to visit Ukraine?
PM insists on taking active measures concerning River Oder pollution
The Environmental Protection Inspectorate (WIOS) in Wroclaw (west southern Poland) has notified the local prosecutor of an ecological disaster that has hit the Oder, Poland's second longest river. Tonnes of dead fish have been washed up along with other animals such as beavers.
A drunk driver hit a group of people at a pedestrian crossing and fled. He was arrested
The court decided that a 23-year-old resident of the Wyszków district would spend the following three months in custody. The man got behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol last weekend and hit 3 people at a pedestrian crossing. The Ford driver, wanting to avoid responsibility, drove away from the scene of the accident without providing any assistance to the victims. The 23-year-old could spend up to 12 years in prison for such behaviour.
Attack on Russian military air base in Crimea. Is this the start of a Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south?
Ukrainian officials are portraying the attack on a Russian military airfield in Crimea as the start of a counteroffensive in the south, and in doing so are deepening the Kremlin's confusion about the ability of Ukrainian forces to launch long-range attacks, according to the US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW). Ukrainian experts expect fierce fighting in August and September that will determine the fate of the next phase of the war.
"To sell, buy and not go crazy," so a practical guide on legal issues in the real estate market
The only practical guide on legal issues in the real estate market. Ewelina Stygar-Jarosińska, a notary and expert, published a guide on how to buy and sell properties without unnecessary stress. That’s a real gem on everybody’s bookshelf who wants to invest in the real estate market.
PM comments on EU inequality in Die Welt
Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland's prime minister, has written in the German daily "Die Welt" that while EU member states are supposedly equal, there is a de facto oligarchy in place whereby the strongest countries exert power.
85th anniversary of the Soviet genocide against Poles. They shot as in Katyn - in the back of the head. And then dumped the bodies in pits...
On August 11, 1937, with Stalin's inspiration and knowledge, People's Commissar for Internal Affairs Nikolai Yezhov issued an order to begin the mass extermination of Poles living in the USSR area. "Polish Operation of the NKVD," which was a genocidal crime directed against Poles, cost the lives of at least 111,000 people, and at least 140,000 Poles were "tried" and sent to prisons and gulags. The Bolsheviks did not spare even women and children. Repression on this horrific, massive scale continued until November 1938.
A non-returnable subsidy granted by the state for a relic of communism - PRL employee flats
About thousands of former employee flats in Poland are the subject of a new non-returnable subsidy granted by the state. Thanks to the increase to 95% of co-financing from the Subsidy Fund for municipalities for the purchase or purchase and renovation of PRL (Polish People’s Republic) employee flats, they will get into the hands of tenants more quickly. Tenants will have priority in buying such properties for little money or renting them on preferential terms.
Attractive prices in Poland - Czechs come to refuel and go shopping
Firstly, the Polish authorities lowered VAT on many grocery store products in spring. Secondly, the fuel prices in Poland are the most attractive in the EU. These two factors attract citizens of the Czech Republic to come to Poland for shopping and refueling. Despite the distance, they save money on each visit to Polish markets and fuel stations.
Fuel prices in Poland have been the lowest in all of Europe for a month
"For the past four weeks, fuel prices in Poland have been the lowest in the entire European Union. According to data from August 10, 2022, published by the industry portal e-petrol, we will now pay an average of PLN 6.86 (EUR 1.47) for a litre of gasoline in Poland. For the same product, Bulgarians have to pay more, PLN 7.75 (EUR 1.66)," PKN Orlen reports.
The Abrams Tank Training Academy is open! Polish soldiers train on M1A2 Abrams tanks [PHOTOS]
“Our task is to increase the defence forces of the Republic of Poland. This is what equipping the Polish Army with the most modern tanks serves because ABRAMS tanks are the most modern tanks in the world," Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said during a meeting with soldiers in Poznań.
The military aircraft with the coach crash victims from Croatia has already landed in Poland
At around 3:00 pm, a CASA military aircraft carrying 10 people injured in a Polish coach accident in Croatia landed at Warsaw's Okęcie Airport. The Health Ministry said earlier that the machine would first land in Warsaw and then in Poznań.
Thousands of dead fish in Oder
Thousands of fish died in the Lubush part of the Oder river because of contamination. The necessary samples are taken and sent for examination. Also, the river is monitored. According to local residents, especially anglers, the signs of pollution have been visible for a couple of days now in different parts of the river and the steps have been taken too late.
Poland to enforce its rights as an EU member says ruling party spokesman
Poland will apply the principle of reciprocity in relations with Brussels and will enforce its rights as an EU member, a spokesman for Law and Justice, Poland’s ruling party, has said in reference to attempts to block European funds for Poland.
The Ukrainian artillery system hunts Russian soldiers. They have a new MRLS "Witcher"
Ukrainian soldiers and engineers are also introducing improvised weapons systems to fight the Russian aggressor. These include both civilian drones converted into strike drones and multi-propelled rocket launchers. One such system using parts from the destroyed Russian BM-21 Grad system is a lightweight nine-guide missile launcher bearing the name "Witcher".
Ecoterror in the Lutowiska Forest District
Ecoterrorists have set a deadly trap for foresters from the Lutowiska Forestry District. They hammered nails into trees planned for harvesting. When a saw comes upon such a nail, it can kill. Death also threatens the employees of the sawmill where the wood with the hammered metal will be delivered. The case has been reported to the police. The State Forests appeals to all activists and 'pro-environmental' groups across Poland: Stop before tragedy strikes!
The Polish Konik breed in the Research Station in Popielno, Warmia and Masuria Province [VIDEO]
As part of a state-sponsored institution, the Polish Academy of Sciences deals with the protection and breeding of horses living in the wild in forests, for example, the Polish Konik breed, also known as Polish primitive horses or simply Koniks. It is a Polish breed of pony taken care of by a special programme that preserves the breed without unnecessary human intervention. In Popielno, the Polish Academy of Sciences Animal Husbandry Research Station looks after a large herd of Koniks (approx. 150) and offers guided tours of the area.
Nearly 390,000 Ukrainians were employed in Poland concerning simplified procedure
Close to 390,000 Ukrainians have found employment thanks to streamlined procedures introduced to help them find work, a deputy family and social policy minister has said.
Polish scientists have patented anticorrosive varnish with graphene
Polish scientists have patented an anti-corrosive water-based varnish with graphene oxide G-Flake. The varnish can be used to protect steel structures of buildings, internal surfaces of ships or electric motors.
Belarusian services not only drive migrants to the border but also destroy the border barrier
"They brought us to the border, told us to turn around, and then cut the crossing" - this is how migrants detained on the Polish side report crossing the border. As the Border Guard spokeswoman confirms, the Belarusian services are damaging the border security with specialized tools. "Through such a cut crossing, Belarusian services let groups of 2-5 people through, only in wetlands do they let slightly larger groups through," she says.
Natural “lawnmowers” in Gdańsk. The idea of how a herd of sheep have taken care of the green area [LIVE VIDEO]
The pilot project 'Opływ na wypasie' (in English: “The grazed runoff” – editor’s note) has begun. The city of Gdańsk has announced that a herd of 15 sheep has been released for the first time in a park next to the Motława River. The animals will take care of biodiversity, soil welfare and selective grass cutting. The safety of the animals is supervised by their keeper, the shepherd Tymoteusz Hagno.
Polish zloty as "a source of economic success" NBP governor believes
Poland's currency is one of the sources of its economic success and giving it up would be a grave mistake, the governor of Poland's central bank (NBP) said in an interview for Monday's Dziennik Gazeta Prawna newspaper.
Kadyrov: None of the Nazis will take victory away from us
"For us, only the victory is acceptable, and none of the Nazis can take it away from us," the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on Telegram. As he added, "Akhmat" special units and the People's Militia of the Luhansk People's Republic seized the territory of the Knauf plant in the Donetsk region.
Thousands of "carefree" Russians took part in the annual paddle board festival in St. Petersburg
Thousands of "carefree" Russians took part in the annual paddle board festival in St. Petersburg. The paddle boarders rode through the central canals to mark the questionable 7th anniversary of this colourful event. The situation has sparked heated discussions in the comments. Public opinion on Twitter does not conceal its indignation under the video published on the official Reuters page.
The award-winning glove that translates sign language was created by Białystok University of Technology students
The second grade students from Białystok University of Technology created an innovative glove that translates sign language. The glove is named STJM and recently it has won the first place in the national competition called Young Innovator 2022. STJM is equipped with a number of sensors that collect information about the arrangement of both each individual fingers and the whole hand.
Another US security assistance package to Ukraine, including additional ammunition for HIMARS [details]
The U.S. Department of Defense has published information on its website about another package of military aid to Ukraine. It will include, among other things, supplies of ammunition, including for HIMARS missile systems, Javelin missile launchers, explosives or medical supplies. The total value of this aid tranche is $1 billion.
Saudi Arabia to donate USD 10 mln to aid Ukrainian war refugees in Poland
Saudi Arabia granted USD 10 million to aid Ukrainian war refugees in Poland, the Saudi embassy in Warsaw said on Monday.