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    “Dinner for a hero” – soldiers and volunteers bring hot meals to elderly veterans

    “Dinner for a hero” is an initiative aimed at helping elderly veterans of the Second World War in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Soldiers of the Territorial Defence Forces and volunteers bring warm meals to those who fought for Poland’s freedom.

    “They fought for our freedom, we are fighting for their health” these are the words of the organiser of the initiative “Dinner for a hero” which aims to help the Warsaw insurgents and veterans of the Home Army during the pandemic. Every day, soldiers of the Territorial Defence Forces and volunteers bring warm meals to the elderly so neither they nor their carers have to go outside and risk becoming infected. Everyone can help the initiative, without even leaving home.

    “As part of the initiative “Don’t forget about us, Warsaw insurgents” we have prepared a special action, “Dinner for a hero”. We want to make sure that they don’t have to leave home unnecessarily. Everyday we’re bringing them warm meals, but not only to them, also to their wives and carers. We have a fundraiser on the Internet atów. We really need more support, every zloty counts! More and more veterans are signing up for this program and we fear that we may not be able to help everyone”, says Patryk Markuszewski, the organiser of the initiative.

    “There are many touching moments. They are counting on us, they are awaiting our arrival. We always talk to them for a few minutes, either over the phone or through an open window, and ask them if they need anything else like groceries or medicine and if they are doing alright. They are counting on us and we cannot fail them. In a moment we will be grabbing the meals and going to them”, added Mariusz Doromoniec, one of the volunteers.


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