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    Resolution of the National Electoral Commission annulls presidential elections in Poland

    The National Electoral Commission (PKW) stated in a resolution adopted yesterday that in the elections for the President of the Republic of Poland ordered on May 10, 2020, there was no possibility of voting for candidates. President’s spokesman Błażej Spychalski said that the decision unanimously made by the PKW was good and resolved the state of uncertainty.

    When asked for a comment on Radio “Trójka”, Spychalski emphasized that representatives of all political forces were elected to the PKW. He pointed out that the PKW adopted a resolution in which it stated that the case would not be decided by the Supreme Court, but that the resolution would be published immediately in the Journal of Laws and that the Speaker of the Sejm must, within 14 days (from the date of publication), decide to appoint a new date of the presidential election in the next 60 days. The president’s spokesman was also asked if everything would be carried out again, i.e. with the registration of election committees and collection of signatures of support, or could it be otherwise. Spychalski pointed out that the PKW, “on the one hand informed that the entire electoral process must start from the beginning, while on the other hand the PKW gave the opportunity, saying that legislative decisions still need to be taken in this respect”.


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