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    We are fed up with the double standard of ecological organizations! Woś: Transparency is what we need.

    – People are more aware of so-called eco-organizations which do not care, in the first place, for the environment – said Minister of the Environment – Michał Woś while talking to the editor Katarzyna Gójska on the Jedynka radio broadcast “Signals of the day”.

    Katarzyna Gójska reminded that yesterday in Warsaw the protest, in front of the headquarter of Greenpeace, took place in which citizens from the area of the Bialowieza Forest picket with the slogan “Stop the hypocrisy of Greenpeace!”. Citizens claimed that the organization did not work towards the environment, but only earned money and treated unequal several countries.

    -People are more aware of so-called eco-organizations which do not care in the first place for the environment. Poles have the care for the environment deep in their hearts, but some groups trespass on this – said Michał Woś.

    The Minister of the Environment pointed out that the problem with these organizations would be smaller if the insurance money was concerned. He also noted that this type of organization may be trespassed by lobby groups and secret services.

    -It is obvious that in the case of this organization the double standard within the context of the countries is evident. They behave differently in the case of Austria or Germany and different in the case of Poland – claimed.

    Michał Woś evaluated that many ecological organizations work only to perform certain orders provided by the business, capital or the riches.

    -Of course, there are organizations – and it shall be pinpointed – that are truly ecological and I am very thankful for them. We should point the finger at those unfair organizations – said.

    The politician informed also that today at 11:00 AM a special press conference of Ministry of Environment will be held.  During this conference the project about the transparency of finances of non-governmental organizations will be presented.

    -Poles have a right to know. This is the foundation of democracy – summed up the Minister of the Environment.










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