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    Poland welcomes more and more Belarusians

    We have already welcomed a hundred and several dozen people from Belarus, who were victims of torture, beatings. They required diagnostics, treatment, convalescence, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said on Thursday.

    The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on TVP Info spoke about a response to the first program for Belarus proposed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. He said that there is ‘a certain interest in those to whom this program is addressed, in a way to students, academics, creative circles, and thus to all those who may not be able to work in Belarus for political reasons’.

    ‘This is a group of scholarships, grants, so that those who are active citizens of Belarus who are interested in politics can continue their work – journalistic and professional in the Republic of Poland, assuming that we are talking about the transition period here, because it is a natural thing, that they would like to continue their activity in a democratic, sovereign Belarus,’ he pointed out.

    He emphasized that the point was to indicate to the Belarusian society that there was an alternative to this model, which the Russian Federation seemed to guarantee.

    On August 14, Prime Minister Morawiecki announced a program for Belarus, which includes aid for the repressed, facilitating entry to Poland and access to work, scholarships for relegated persons, assistance to independent media and organizations supporting civil society in Belarus.


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