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    17 June: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

    On 17 June, we celebrate World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, an opportunity to highlight the urgency of the global problem of soil degradation and water scarcity. Although Poland is not a country known for its extreme climatic conditions, our country is also not immune to the challenges of desertification and drought. In recent years, Poland has been experiencing increasing impacts of climate change, leading to an increased risk of drought and soil degradation. Against the backdrop of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, let’s look at the issue of how Poland is taking action to counter these challenges.

    Poland is a country that has been experiencing climate change for a long time, and its impact on the environment is becoming increasingly visible. Rising temperatures, instability of precipitation and extreme weather events create the risk of desertification and drought. The areas most vulnerable to this problem are mainly in the north-west of the country, where soil and climatic conditions favour rapid soil erosion.

    Desertification and drought have negative consequences for both the environment and society. Soil degradation leads to reduced fertility, loss of biodiversity and erosion, which in turn affects agri-food production. Drought causes drinking water shortages, loss of crops, malnutrition of livestock and negative health effects on the population. In addition, the economic losses associated with desertification and drought are significant, and farmers and local communities are particularly affected.

    Poland is aware of the urgency of the problem of desertification and drought and is taking a number of measures to counter these threats. The Polish government is introducing soil conservation programmes, promoting environmentally sustainable agricultural practices and supporting investments in water infrastructure. In addition, Poland is involved in international agreements and initiatives to manage drought risk and protect soils.

    World Drought and Desertification Day provides an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness of these risks. Awareness campaigns, seminars and workshops are being organised in Poland to educate people about the effects of desertification and drought and how to counter them. It is also important to promote sustainable agricultural practices, save water and reduce waste.

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