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    Poland and Hungary fight for their interests. Orban: ‘We have to stand together’

    ‘This Next Generation EU fund is not a gift; it is not manna from heaven. It is not a present for Christmas. This is what we are legally entitled to. We have to stand together, to fight for our law’, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Polsat News.

    ‘We, Poles and Hungarians, are strong enough together to fight for our financial interests. Even if something went wrong. There are no proves to worry, because together we have sufficient power to fight for our position’ – said Hungarian Prime Minister on the air of Polsat News on Tuesday (8 Dec 2020). 


    ‘The best way out is to reach an agreement. (…) If we reach an agreement before the end of the year, it will be fine. Otherwise, we will have to continue negotiations’ – he added.


    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban came to Poland on Tuesday (8 Dec 2020) to meet with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the Leader of the Law and Justice Party (PiS) Jarosław Kaczyński. 


    The meeting was devoted to the mechanism of the rule of law related to the EU budget. Despite Poland and Hungary, Slovenia is also against this solution and also would announce veto if it was necessary. 



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