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    Four Hills Tournament: ‘Dawid Kubacki? Kneel down’ – Kamil Stoch took the floor before the qualifications in Innsbruck

    After the phenomenal New Year’s competition for Polish ski jumpers, the sportsmen are moving to Austria, where the qualification for the next part of the Four Hills Tournament will take place on Saturday. ‘What Mr Kubacki did, it’s something incredible,’ commented Kamil Stoch on his friend’s fantastic performance in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

    Poles flew away from their rivals in the New Year’s Four Hills Tournament competition on Friday. On the Grosse Olympiaschanze, Dawid Kubacki won in a phenomenal style, and on the podium was also Piotr Żyła. If that wasn’t enough, Kamil Stoch was fourth, and the tenth was closed by Andrzej Stękała. If it was a team competition, the Polish jumpers would leave no doubts that they are the strongest team in the world.


    David Kubacki set a hill record on Friday.


    ‘He did a great job and the way he jumped… Three times over 140 meters, because also in training. Hats off!’, said Kamil Stoch to 


    Ski jumpers don’t have a moment to rest, because they have already been awaiting their qualification for the third TCS competition on Saturday. The competition in Innsbruck will start at 1:30 PM and the transmission will be conducted by Eurosport.


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