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    What will change for Poland with Biden assuming US presidency?

    The assumption of the US Presidency by Joe Biden is being followed with great interest in Poland. All the more so since Poles believe that the outgoing President, Donald Trump, contributed to a significant improvement in Polish-American relations and increased Poland’s security.

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, when asked about the future of the cooperation between Poland and the United States after the change of administration, said that given the joint investment projects and strategic coherence, it will go well.

    “Many policies are identical, for example joint projects within the Three Seas Initiative, where we are developing very many infrastructure connections. We are looking for funds for new interconnectors, for connectors in the field of communication and energy infrastructure.” stated the head of the Polish government. 

    In turn, the parliamentary opposition wants to pass a resolution that welcomes new US president, Joe Biden. Left accuses the ruling party of having a problem with congratulating Biden.

    The Government points to 15th December last year when President Andrzej Duda congratulated Joe Biden and issued an invitation to visit Poland. It was sent immediately after the vote of the American Electoral College.

    “Whether the republicans or democrats are in charge the continuity of the policy regarding Poland was natural.” stated Marek Ast from the Law and Justice party. 

    The United States is one of Poland’s most important allies, and the former president, Donald Trump, was in quite close relations with the current government. The outgoing US president also supported President Andrzej Duda in the last presidential campaign.

    “Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump had very personal relations, with Joe Biden it will not be possible. However, we must remember that the US interests in our region are permanent in key aspects such as security and energy infrastructure.” commented Paweł Pawłowski from the Cegielski Analysis Centre.

    President Donald Trump visited Warsaw during his second foreign trip, in July 2017. Then he delivered an important speech at the monument to the Warsaw Uprising. He said then that a strong Poland is a blessing for the countries of Europe, the West and the whole world.





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