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    2023 World Championships in Budapest: Natalia Kaczmarek secured spot in semifinals

    In a spectacular display of skill and determination, Natalia Kaczmarek secured her place in the semifinals of the World Championships. Despite not giving it her all, she finished her qualifying heat with a time of 50.02 seconds. While briefly holding the best qualification time in history, her achievement was surpassed by Marileidy Paulino from the Dominican Republic, who clocked in at 49.90 seconds in the sixth series. The women’s 400-meter final promises an exciting showdown on Monday evening.

    Polish athlete Natalia Kaczmarek entered her qualifying heat as the clear favorite and lived up to that role impressively. She left her competitors with no room for chance, crossing the finish line in 50.02 seconds. Her performance initially stood as the best in World Championship qualification history. However, this record was short-lived as Marileidy Paulino of the Dominican Republic outshone her merely minutes later with a time of 49.90 seconds.

    Both athletes seemed to conserve their energy during the race, with the last fifty meters almost resembling a leisurely stroll. Dominikana and Poland claimed the top two spots, ensuring their participation in the semifinals of the world championships in Budapest.

    As the competition intensifies, all eyes are on the upcoming semifinals. Natalia Kaczmarek and Marileidy Paulino’s exceptional performances have set the stage for an exhilarating continuation of the event.

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