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    New economic program for Poland

    The ruling Law and Justice party is to announce a new economic program for Poland. According to press leaks, it is expected to be announced on March 20th. Some details of the project are still unofficial. They include increasing tax-free income to 30,000 PLN a year as well as the elimination of taxation on pensions.

    The information was leaked despite the details of the program having been kept in strict secrecy. Journalists cite, among other things, the statements of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who announced a program to rebuild the economy after the coronavirus crisis. In addition to investments, the program will include reconstruction of the tax system and support for innovation. The government aims to take advantage of European Union funds here.

    The presentation of the new program is to take place during the Law and Justice convention, the date is not yet known, but March 20th is most likely. 

    “I think the authors of such scoops publish their stories to generate wild expectations. If these specific provisions will not be delivered in the final program they’ll attack the government for an alleged failure.” stated Jan Mosiński from the Law and Justice party. 

    According to the media leaks, the income tax shall be waived for income up to PLN 2500 a month.

    ”I must underline that the Solidarity trade union has been demanding just such a solution for a long time. The point is that employees earning the minimum wage should not pay income tax. And, If we take a 2,800PLN monthly salary and subtract the tax-deductible costs from it, it turns out that this postulate would be met.” commented Marek Lewandowski, the spokesman for the Solidarity Trade Union. 

    According to reports, the New Deal will increase health premiums for the highest earners, which would enable the allocation of 7 percent GDP for the health care system.




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