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    An important declaration at the next Three Seas Initiative Summit

    Before the announced summit of the Three Seas Initiative in Sofia, at which an important declaration is to be signed, a meeting was held with the participation of the Three Seas countries, the United States, Germany and the European Commission.

    “The Three Seas Initiative has the potential to become the region’s strategic response to the current challenges of rebuilding economic growth,” said Presidential Minister Krzysztof Szczerski.

    The Office of the President announced that a coordination meeting before the Three Seas summit in Sofia was held on Thursday. The meeting was organized on the initiative of the Bulgarian President’s Office, which is the main organizer of this year’s sixth summit of the Three Seas Initiative in Sofia.

    As stated in the press release, during a videoconference attended by representatives of the Initiative member states and strategic partners – the European Commission, the United States and Germany – the form of the declaration to be signed during the summit was discussed. Moreover, the parties exchanged opinions on the current state of development of the Three Seas Initiative and plans to intensify the dialogue in the near future.



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