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    New Human Rights Ombudsman appointed by the Parliamentary Committee

    The Parliamentary Committee on Justice and Human Rights gave a positive opinion on the nomination of Law and Justice MEP Bartłomiej Wróblewski as Ombudsman. The candidates of the Civic Coalition and the Polish People’s Party, Prof. Sławomir Patyra, and Lewica, Piotr Ikonowicz, did not win the support of a majority of members.

    “A very competent, honest, principled person who has his own values, which he described, and who turns his words into deeds. He helps people, helps the weakest, people with disabilities. He does it as an MEP, as a human being, and I am sure he will do it as an ombudsman. And I hope and deeply believe that the Sejm will accept, but also in the Senate there will be a reflection that party affiliation is not the most important thing.” stated Robert Gontarz from the Law and Justice. 

    “As far as the candidacy of MEP Wróblewski is concerned, we have a consensus that we will not support the candidacy. As for prof. Patyra, we will rather unanimously support this candidacy. As for Piotr Ikonowicz, our voices will be varied, but I will leave it for the evening to be a surprise.” commented Hanna Gill-Piątek from the Poland 2020 party.

    “There is one big problem and contradiction. This ruling is ordered for the political dictatorship from Nowgorodzka street. I am not going to decide today what Law and Justice will present in parliament today, but it will certainly not be in accordance with the Constitution. The Constitution does not provide for an acting ombudsman to be elected in a formula other than the Constitutional One.” said Borys Budka, the leader of the Civic Platform opposition party. 





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