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    Digital Commune as part of the Polish Deal

    The Digital Commune program will be one of the first actions to be taken as part of the Polish Deal announced by the government, said Marek Zagórski, secretary of state at the prime minister’s office, government plenipotentiary for cybersecurity, at a press conference in Łomża (Podlasie).

    “As part of these projects, which are planned in the Polish Deal, projects related to digitization will be one of the first, so in the next few weeks we should start – and within two or three months at the latest – work on the Digital Commune program,” Zagórski said.

    He explained that this would be money for various activities, such as the purchase of equipment.

    “These will be funds addressed to local governments to improve the quality of equipment in terms of digital devices, computers, software and the quality of electronic services offered to residents. We will allocate about PLN 1 billion for this. Also under this program, we will want to support short-term investments in places where the Internet coverage, mobile telephony coverage is very weak. Here, too, we will allocate a separate amount of funds,” Zagórski said at the conference, among others, with the participation of the deputy minister of education and science Dariusz Piontkowski, members of parliament and local government officials.



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